Updating Your Home With Vinyl Plank Flooring For A Durable Custom Makeover

23 March 2021
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If you are ready to update the flooring in your home, wood floors may be something that you have always wanted. The problem with wood is that it is vulnerable to damage, costly, and difficult to maintain. Therefore, you may want to consider options like vinyl plank flooring as an alternative to give your home the look of wood floors. The following information will help you update the floors in your home with new vinyl plank flooring:

Deciding on Where to Use Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring can work well for different areas of your home. You can use it for all the floors, or you can use it in areas where traditional wood floors are not a practical solution. Some of the areas where vinyl floors are a great flooring solution include:

  • Entrances and high-traffic areas
  • Basement flooring solutions
  • Bathrooms and kitchens

Vinyl flooring is great for areas where moisture can make it difficult to use conventional wood.

Combining Different Styles of Vinyl Plank Products

When you have vinyl flooring installed in your home, there are different style options. There are several ways that vinyl planks can be combined to create a unique flooring design, including:

  • Using wide planks for a modern look in open areas
  • Using different materials to create borders
  • Using different wood grain finishes for a custom look

The combinations of vinyl flooring plank products will help give your floors a unique design. It will also help to separate different areas with different flooring designs.

Installation Options for Vinyl Plank Flooring Materials

Vinyl floors can be installed using several different methods. When installing the flooring materials, there are some areas where you want to use a waterproof adhesive to prevent problems. One of the benefits of using vinyl plank flooring is that it can be used as a temporary flooring solution. This means that it can be installed and taken up later. You may want to do this if you are renting.

Maintenance and Care Vinyl Plank Flooring Will Need

Maintenance is going to need to be done after installing your new floors. Like with any other type of flooring, the main care that needs to be done is cleaning. With vinyl floors, there are also sealants that can be applied to the floors to protect them from damage. Sealing is not always enough to prevent damage, so you may occasionally need to replace damaged pieces. These repairs are going to be easiest to complete if you order extra materials when the floors are installed.

Vinyl flooring is a great alternative for wood floors. If you want to have the look of wood floors in your home, contact a vinyl plank flooring service to get started making over your floors.