How To Create The Ultimate French-Country Inspired Kitchen

10 April 2020
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If there is one interior design trend that seems to be timeless and chic, it's the French country design. One of the best rooms in your house to embrace the French country theme, is your kitchen. To help create the ultimate look that will make you feel like you're in France every time you walk into the room, there are a few things that you may want to talk to your designer about. 

French White Oak Flooring

Light-colored oak flooring is one of the most popular trends in flooring these days, and it's also one of the best ways that you can get that French country look you want. When choosing French white oak flooring, consider choosing semi-wide planks for a more modern look overall. When it comes to choosing a sheen of flooring, consider getting one that is matte because it will look more like organic, raw wood. Also, make sure that you have your flooring sealed with some sort of waterproof sealant so that if your family spills any water on it, it won't warp. 

Light-Colored Cabinets

Even though you have light wood flooring, that doesn't mean that you have to choose dark-colored cabinetry; in fact, if you want to go with a French country–inspired kitchen, choose light-colored cabinets. Some cabinetry choices that you may want to consider are either a light wood that's a shade lighter than your oak flooring or painted cabinetry. Different paint colors that can give you that French country vibe include white, cream, light blue, or light grey. 

Brass or Nickel Hardware

The biggest trend right now in hardware is brass, which means that it can be really easy for you to find a bunch of brass options. If you don't really like brass, then consider going with nickel hardware that has a little bit of intricate detailing on it. For instance, when you are choosing a kitchen faucet, consider choosing a faucet that is a double-handle bridge faucet because that's the ultimate ode to this European style of design you are going for. 

To get a kitchen that is French country–inspired requires a bit of thought and attention to detail. Once you have chosen all of the perfect finishes, it's then time for you to have fun accessorizing the space and truly making it feel like your French oasis. 

To learn more about your options, contact an interior designer in your area.