5 Reasons to Use a Basement Floor Epoxy Coating

17 December 2020
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Basement floor epoxy coating is a product that is used to address a wide range of problems. If you're planning a basement floor coating project, it's worth considering the reasons why an epoxy coating might be the best available solution. Here are five. Reduced Friction Many people have their basements set up as a hobby or work space. If you need to move something like a tool chest that's on wheels around, you can improve the utility of the space by reducing the friction on the floor. Read More 

How To Remodel A Bathroom So It Still Looks Relevant A Decade From Now

2 December 2020
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Are you toying with the idea of remodeling your bathroom because it has begun to look outdated? Having a fresh, new look can be great — but you do want to ensure that in another 10 years, you're not right back in the same space with an outdated bathroom. This time, make sure you follow these tips to give your bathroom a look that will last. Stick with neutral tones Read More 

Tips For Selecting The Right Kind Of Carpet For Your Home

19 November 2020
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Ready to have carpeting installed in your home? You may not realize how many different options there are, which can make the selection process overwhelming. Here are some tips for deciding between 4 different kinds of carpet.  Wool One of the nice things about wool is that it is a natural fiber made from sheep, which is preferred by many people that want to keep the furnishings in their home as natural as possible. Read More 

Add An Epoxy Covering To A Cement Floor

16 November 2020
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Dull concrete flooring can detract from the fancy decor and homewares that you have on display. Concrete flooring can crack after being exposed to moisture and staining is not always easy to remove from an old floor. An epoxy floor covering will add extra strength to the floor and will provide your retail center with a fresh appearance. An Epoxy Floor Covering Overview An epoxide resin, hardeners, and additives are used to formulate an epoxy coating. Read More 

An Education On Vinyl Flooring

26 October 2020
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Vinyl flooring is one option you have when you are looking for flooring to put in your new home or looking for a great replacement for your current flooring. Vinyl flooring is also a very popular choice many homeowners make for many reasons. If you haven't had vinyl flooring in a home before, you may not be familiar with it and the advantages it features. This is why this writing will be a good one for you to read as it will cover some of the things you might like about this flooring. Read More