5 Reasons to Use a Basement Floor Epoxy Coating

17 December 2020
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Basement floor epoxy coating is a product that is used to address a wide range of problems. If you're planning a basement floor coating project, it's worth considering the reasons why an epoxy coating might be the best available solution. Here are five.

Reduced Friction

Many people have their basements set up as a hobby or work space. If you need to move something like a tool chest that's on wheels around, you can improve the utility of the space by reducing the friction on the floor. The wheels of the chest will move more freely. A simple way to achieve lower friction is to add an epoxy coating. The epoxy will naturally settle, giving you a very smooth and level surface. Notably, you can fine-tune the friction level of the floor, too. Professionals have access to additives that can give the floor anti-slip qualities.

Stain Resistance

Similarly, many people like epoxy coatings because they're highly resistant to stains. If you have your basement set up as a woodshop, for example, it will be much easier to clean up a spilled can of stain if the floor is epoxy-coated.

High Impact

It's also worth looking at basement floor epoxy coating systems if you're going to put a beating on a floor. For example, you might have a lot of appliances in a base because you're using it as a laundry room. Such basements usually have concrete floors that don't always look great after a few years of the feet from washing machines and dryers digging into them with each vibration. As basement floor coating options go, epoxy is very impact-resistant and will hold up well under such circumstances.

You may also want to look at epoxy materials if your basement is a high-traffic area. For example, folks often set their basements up as game rooms. If people are constantly walking across the floor, an epoxy floor coating can make a huge difference in how long the floor will hold up.


Epoxy also allows you a lot of aesthetic options. A coating can be applied over a visual element, such as a sticker. Likewise, it's possible to add patterns to the materials to produce different looks. It's easy to paint on, too.

Seamless Flooring

Seams can literally trip people up. If you want to get rid of them, though, there are few solutions as likely to the job as epoxy.