Add An Epoxy Covering To A Cement Floor

16 November 2020
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Dull concrete flooring can detract from the fancy decor and homewares that you have on display. Concrete flooring can crack after being exposed to moisture and staining is not always easy to remove from an old floor. An epoxy floor covering will add extra strength to the floor and will provide your retail center with a fresh appearance.

An Epoxy Floor Covering Overview

An epoxide resin, hardeners, and additives are used to formulate an epoxy coating. Any imperfections that were previously on the flooring will be hidden and further damage to the floor will not be of concern. An epoxy blend may contain a dye, which can help you achieve the refined finish that you are seeking.

A shopping experience is dependent upon the conditions that a person is greeted with. Dark muted tones can help promote a calm setting and bright ones that contain a sheen may complement lighting and make the inside of your business seem more spacious. With an epoxy covering, there won't be any visible seams. If the concrete flooring was laid down in slabs and it is evident where the joints are, the epoxy covering will provide a universal floor covering that stretches from one end of your business to the other.

A Cost-Effective Approach

You may have contemplated repairing the concrete floor or having it torn up and replaced with a different type of floor covering. With either of these options, there would be disruption in the workplace and you may need to close down your business for a while. In addition, patching a floor does not always eliminate visible marks.

Patching can help maintain safety in the workplace, but the marks that remain on the concrete would still affect the overall appearance of your business. Deciding to have an epoxy floor covering installed is cost-effective. Epoxy can withstand weight, heat, moisture, and chemical spills. People can walk across the floor daily and scuff marks won't appear on the floor.

Epoxy is an investment that will last for many years and requires little upkeep. If you decide to have this type of flooring installed, look at some color charts and pick a shade that will be complementary to the walls or decorations that are inside of your business. After the installation, the epoxy will need to cure. People can walk upon the flooring soon afterward. Use a mop and a broom to keep the floor covering clean.

For more information, reach out to a commercial epoxy flooring service.