Tips For Selecting The Right Kind Of Carpet For Your Home

19 November 2020
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Ready to have carpeting installed in your home? You may not realize how many different options there are, which can make the selection process overwhelming. Here are some tips for deciding between 4 different kinds of carpet. 


One of the nice things about wool is that it is a natural fiber made from sheep, which is preferred by many people that want to keep the furnishings in their home as natural as possible. The carpet fibers are very strong, and hold up great on steps, entrance ways, and other high traffic areas. The one problem with wood is that it is going to be very difficult to clean if a dark liquid is spilled on it. While the durability may seem great with kids in the house, you will really need to crack down on eating or drinking in rooms with the wool carpet.


The reason people love polyester is because of the feel of the carpet fibers. It can be great for children to play on because of how soft it is, and the carpet fibers are very easy to clean if a spill were to happen. The downfall of polyester is that the carpet fibers are made out of plastic, so it is not an all-natural material. It will also not hold up very well in high traffic areas, and you'll notice the carpet fibers will become crushed fairly easily. Consider using polyester in a dining room or a bedroom because of these reasons.


Nylon is a very popular carpeting material because of how resilient the material is withholding up in high traffic areas. In addition, the material is still really soft to walk on. Nylon is known for having a topical stain applied to the carpet fibers, which helps the material clean up quite easily. Overall, the carpet provides a good mix of the durability of wood but the ease of cleaning with polyester. 


A new type of carpeting material is triexta that homeowners love for several reasons. It works well in high traffic areas with the carpet fibers not being crushed but also cleans up well when something spills on it. It is good for homes with pets and kids that are more active and are known to wear down the carpeting. In addition, the carpet is still very soft, which makes it easy to lay on in a living room, play area, or kids' bedroom. Find a carpet dealer in your area.