How To Remodel A Bathroom So It Still Looks Relevant A Decade From Now

2 December 2020
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Are you toying with the idea of remodeling your bathroom because it has begun to look outdated? Having a fresh, new look can be great — but you do want to ensure that in another 10 years, you're not right back in the same space with an outdated bathroom. This time, make sure you follow these tips to give your bathroom a look that will last.

Stick with neutral tones

Colors tend to come into style and go out of style really quickly. One year, pale blue might be popular. The next year, it's all about the deep, dark tones. To avoid having your bathroom color scheme go out of style, stick with neutral colors for the permanent elements, including your flooring, shower tile, ceiling, and walls. If you want to add pops of color, do so with towels or wall art, which are easily and inexpensively replaced.

Buy fixtures with standard layouts and orientations

Fixtures are often the first things to "go" in a bathroom, and if you choose ones with a unique orientation or layout, you may struggle to find new ones that also fit when your originals wear out. So, choose standard fixtures for your bathroom remodel. A one-hole faucet with a control lever is always a smart choice. Similarly, in the shower, choose a fixture setup that has one hole for a total control knob.

Incorporate plenty of storage

If you incorporate more storage into your bathroom design, you won't find yourself needing to remodel to incorporate the latest type of cabinets or shelving units. Choose a larger vanity, have some shelves built into your shower design, and have some shelves mounted over the toilet. Leave your storage spaces open with fewer shelves and drawers so they can continue to serve your changing storage needs over the years.

Choose medium and blended textures

Like colors, textures tend to go in and out of style quickly. Smooth, very soft textures might be in one year, and then heavily textured items are stylish the next year. Try to choose medium textures or to blend textures so your bathroom does not look too polarizing. For instance, a matte stone tile with a little texture is better than a super-smooth ceramic one.

Your goal should be to create a bathroom look that lasts. Rely on the tips above, and ask a bathroom remodeling contractor for some input, too. They can make all sorts of useful recommendations.