What To Expect When Getting Hardwood Floors Installed In Your Home

15 April 2020
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Hardwood floors can be a gorgeous addition to any home. If you're not in love with your current flooring, you may want to think about making the switch. When you work with a wood flooring company, they can help you pick out the perfect wood floor style for your home. They can also take care of all the labor and installation so that the results are stunning. If you're considering making this switch, keep reading to better understand what to expect about the installation: 


Before any work is done in your home, a professional wood floor company will offer a consultation. This gives them a chance to come in and see your space, talk to you about options, and better explain what they can do to help. You can learn more about stains, types of woods, and style options. During the consultation time, they can also offer you a more accurate quote for the work that you want to be done. 

Get Ready

You'll need to do a bit of work before the installation day begins. You can do this by removing excess items on the floor, removing furniture, and draping items on your walls. Doing this helps create a more workable atmosphere for the flooring company.


Next up, the company will come to handle the installation. During this process, there will be noise in your home and plenty of foot traffic. The flooring team needs to walk around and get the work done. They will work to install the wood planks, and then they will begin sanding. 

Staining and Refinishing 

Next up is the staining and refinishing process. Your wood flooring company will take the next steps to make your flooring look its best. They will apply a stain and let it dry. After the stain is dried, a couple of layers of topcoat will be added to help protect the flooring. You'll be able to walk on the floor a few hours after the staining and refinishing is completed. But, you won't be able to have your pets join in for 48 hours, and you'll need to wait a few days before you can bring your furniture back in.

Hardwood floors can make your home look incredible. If you're interested in this look, be sure to reach out to a wood flooring company. They can take the time to go over your flooring options, and they can also schedule your installation date.