4 Questions About Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

23 April 2020
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Do you want to improve the look of your home with hardwood floor refinishing? You likely have some questions before you move forward with getting this job done.

Will Hardwood Refinishing Make A Mess?

While it will be required to sand your floors to smooth them out and remove the top layer of stain, it won't make as big of a mess as you think it will. Many hardwood flooring specialists use dustless sanding equipment, which sucks up the dust before it gets into the air. While it will not remove all of the dust, it will significantly reduce the mess that is made by refinishing your hardwood floors. 

Does Each Room Need To Be Completely Empty Before Refinishing?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for professionals to work around furniture as they refinish the floors in your home. Each room that they work on will need to have all of the furniture removed so that they can get the job done. This means your home's flooring may need to be refinished in stages as you shuffle the furniture around, especially if your home has hardwood everywhere that you want refinished. 

How Long Will The Refinishing Process Take?

The entire process will take between 2 and 4 days to refinish a section of flooring. This includes the initial sanding and the application of the stain or floor coating. The length of time really depends on how many coats of stain are put on the floor, with multiple coats for a darker stain taking multiple days to apply. In addition, there is some drying time that needs to be factored in before you can move furniture back into the room. 

While this may seem like an inconvenience, it will be worth it when you have beautiful hardwood floors in your home again. Consider having the work done while you are leaving for a vacation, or during the summer when you can easily be outside your home while the wood floors are drying. 

When Can You Start Walking On The Floors?

You won't be able to walk on the floors until a day following the final coat of stain or sealant. Then it will be recommended that you don't walk on the floor with shoes or bare feet. Find a pair of old socks that you are okay with having damaged if they were to pick up any stain from the floors. If you have pets, be sure to keep them away from the floors while they are drying.