Using An Epoxy Coating For Your Business's Floors

23 April 2020
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A business will need to make a series of important decisions when it comes to flooring. In addition to deciding on the materials to use on the floor, a business will also need to consider whether it will benefit from using an epoxy coating.

Why Would A Business Consider Epoxy Flooring?

Applying an epoxy coating to your business's floors can provide a number of useful and important benefits to the building. One of the most noticeable will be that these coatings can reduce the risk of individuals slipping by increasing the traction that they are able to get when walking over smooth surfaces. Furthermore, this coating will also be able to greatly reduce the risk of moisture damage occurring to the floors as it can act as a protective barrier that will prevent the actual flooring materials from coming into contact with moisture.

Can Epoxy Flooring Only Be Added To Concrete Surfaces?

While it is extremely common for individuals to have an epoxy coating added to concrete floors, businesses should avoid assuming that this is the only type of flooring that will be able to utilize epoxy coatings. In reality, you will be able to have this coating applied to almost any type of flooring ranging from wood to stone tiles. In fact, wood can be among the types of flooring that will benefit the most from the use of an epoxy coating as it can be extremely vulnerable to moisture damage, staining and other forms of discoloration. If you are planning on applying an epoxy coating to a wood floor, any rot or other damage should be repaired first. Otherwise, it may simply continue to worsen under the coating.

Will Epoxy Flooring Make Your Floors More Difficult To Maintain And Clean?

The floors of your business will be among the largest surfaces in the building that will also need to be regularly cleaned. As a result, you will want to keep these surfaces easy to clean, and an epoxy coating can greatly assist with this. The epoxy coating is extremely easy to clean using a damp mop as it is designed to lack the types of pores and small openings that makes it possible for dirt, pigments and other substances to become trapped. When cleaning the epoxy flooring, you need to ensure that you are using a cleaning solution that is safe for use on epoxy. Otherwise, it may weaken the protection the epoxy provides by degrading or even partially dissolving this coating.