Why You Should Consider Acid Brick For Your Open Plan Restaurant Floor

23 April 2020
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Decorating your open plan restaurant means that the back of the house has to be just as visually pleasing as the front of the house, since your customers will be able to see into the kitchen. Industrial tiles won't do the job in this instance, since you want a flooring option that is more visually pleasing yet durable enough to withstand the heavy use of a busy kitchen. Acid brick can be the perfect option.

What is acid brick?

Acid bricks are made from chemically-resistant materials, so they won't become damaged or etched from the acids in food products, such as spilled cans of tomato sauce, nor from the repeated cleanings with harsh chemicals that are required in many restaurants. The material used has a high silica content, which provides the added strength and acid resistance that these industrial bricks are prized for.

Why is acid brick a good choice?

Acid bricks works well in a restaurant because of their durability. These bricks aren't just resistant to chemical damage, they are also resistant to shock damages like cracks and etching. Further, acid brick is resistant to thermal damages, so placing hot cooking equipment and implements directly on the floor won't cause any damage to the flooring. Acid bricks also have a low absorbancy rate, so stains from food items and grease are very uncommon.

Are there color options for acid brick flooring?

Acid brick is typically only available in a traditional red brick color, although you may be able to find varying shades on this theme. Fortunately, red bricks are a classic design choice that works with many different styles of restaurant decor. Of course, if you prefer a different color, you can opt for acid bricks in the kitchen and use a different flooring option in the dining room.

How difficult is it to maintain acid brick?

The good news is that acid brick flooring doesn't require any special maintenance. Simply sweep it often, then degrease and mop it thoroughly throughout at the end of the day. The grout is more likely to give out before the bricks, so you may need to have the grout repaired every few years. If a brick does somehow become damaged, it is easy to replace it due to the limited color options.

Are acid bricks slip resistant?

You can choose acid bricks with built in texturing that is designed to provide slip resistance. There are smooth options, but in a restaurant setting where food spills and wet floors are the norm, the abrasive or vertical fiber options are a much better choice. Abrasive bricks have a rough coating, where as vertical fiber bricks have unidirectional textured lines running down the face of each brick.

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