Things You Should Know About Wide Hardwood Flooring Planks

24 April 2020
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Wide plank hardwood flooring is a masterpiece of elegance when it's installed in your home. Because of its beauty, it is the first thing that your family and friends notice when they enter your home. You simply cannot miss this beautiful flooring when it's installed in an entire room. When the flooring is installed in every room, your visitors are in for a breathtakingly attractive span of flooring. 

Atmosphere Of Craftsmanship

There is a level of craftsmanship in hardwood planking that's so impressive. To the naked eye, it's obvious that evidently a high level of commitment went into creating this flooring. It's perfect and telling that much thought about choosing, installing, and finishing the flooring led to the achieved outcome of a beautiful hardwood plank flooring.

Rooms Look Larger

One of the specific things about planking hardwood is that it actually makes each room look larger. Since there are fewer seams used with wide planking, the rooms look bigger and appear uncluttered. All of this openness results in a natural look complementing the beauty of the wood and its grain. It is flawless and is without a busy display of seams and lines and looks just as it did in the past.

A Colonial History

Plank hardwood has been around since colonial times in America. It's a classic style that used thick planks that were designed from old-growth forests that were abundant in that period of time. Those aging woods in the forests had a really massive running diameter. So the wood was taken from the trees' inner portion, which was very tight-grained. That made the lumber more durable and hard.

Immature Wood Planks Today

Today's immature wood is from the same old-world species, but it is not as durable by reason of age. It still is a good choice though. You do get that feeling of the 18th century in your home with the use of wide wood planks when they are installed. Allow for installation acclimation timing because this is important to prevent buckling once wide-plank flooring is installed.

Will Warrant A Longer Acclimation Period

Note that the wider your planks are, the longer acclimation period the planks will require in order to completely acclimate to the environment they'll be adhering to. Do understand that humidity levels must ensure proper acclimation time. It might be best for you to hire a professional installer to perform the installation of wide hardwood plank flooring.

Choice Of Wood

Once you've decided to use wide planking, you'll have to make the choice of wood you want to be installed. Oak floor is the most popular choice all over America, and it's available in a number of grades. Professional hardwood installers can advise you about what grade oak is best for your needs.

Look for a professional who provides hardwood flooring to learn more.