What You Want To Know About Your Upcoming Carpet Installation

6 May 2020
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Do you plan to have carpeting installed in your home but have questions about how it will work? If so, it helps to know the answer to the following questions so that you can be well prepared.

How Do Professionals Charge For Carpeting?

When you are comparing carpeting between different companies, you'll find that they all charge by the square yard. To get a good idea of how much carpeting will cost when you shop around, you'll need to take measurements of all the rooms in your home to get the total amount of square yards. 

Does The State Of The Room Matter For The Installation Price?

When a carpet services company gives you the price for carpeting, it is sometimes only for the material itself. There are a lot of other unknown factors that go into the total installation, which will vary from home to home. The best thing you can do to keep your installation costs to a minimum is to remove all furniture from the rooms where the carpeting will be installed, and then remove any old carpeting, staples, or glue that may be on the floor. If the installation company can come in and get right to work, you'll end up saving a lot of money.

Other factors that can increase the cost of installation include if furniture needs to be moved around, if that old carpeting needs to be hauled away, if you need new carpet padding for the floors, and if special work needs to be done to go around the thresholds between rooms. There may even be big issues that need to be fixed, such as repairing a subfloor. 

Will Stairs Be Expensive To Install Carpeting On?

One of the most labor-intensive parts of installing carpeting will be wrapping it around stairs. Make sure that you understand how the carpet installation company will charge to put carpeting on stairs. If you have a basic 12-step staircase that is three feet wide and a straight shot up, it is possible to be charged a flat fee to cover all the work that needs to be done.

However, a carpet installation on stairs gets much more complicated when there is a landing that it needs to wrap around, if it has wide stairs, or if it is a very tall staircase. Some carpet installation companies may charge you per step and an additional cost for the landing halfway up. Even if a carpet company offers free installation for floors, it is possible that the stairs will still be extra because of all the work that is involved.