Remodeling? 3 Reasons To Install French White Oak Hardwood Flooring

16 June 2020
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The flooring you install throughout your home can make a powerful difference with the way your space looks and feels. While homeowners today have options that range from simple, cement floors to dark, hardwood floors, many people are opting for French white oak hardwood flooring, which has a milky, cream-colored finish. Here are three reasons to consider this flooring for your home.

1. Brighten Up Your Home

Unlike other varieties of hardwood flooring, French white oak flooring is light and bright, which can help to lighten up your space. This clean, modern-looking floor variety looks beautiful in any home, meshing just as well with farmhouse décor as it does in an ultra-modern, minimalist space. 

If you like the light, bright look of white flooring, but you are nervous about it looking bland, remember that you can always add area rugs or other additions to give your home more interest and dimension. 

2. Keep Your Space Clean

Spotting dust and grime is essential if you have young children or allergy sufferers in your household. Unfortunately, many homes have flooring that makes it impossible to see footprints or other areas where grime is a problem. 

However, when you install lighter flooring, you can spot grime and debris quickly, so you can sweep, mop, or vacuum that area right away. As a result, your home can stay cleaner. Many people who choose to install lighter flooring opt for a "no shoes in the house" rule, which helps to prevent footprints, mud, and incoming grime. 

3. Make Changes Easily Down The Road

While some varieties of flooring can be difficult to refinish in the future, white flooring is a breeze to adjust according to your future preferences. After sanding down the finish, the flooring can be stained any color you wish, while darker shades of wood may be more difficult to refinish. White hardwood floors also disguise scrapes and scratches more efficiently than other colors of flooring, since they are naturally light like a scratch would be. 

Think about your future and whether or not you can see yourself refinishing your flooring. If you are the kind of person who changes their mind frequently, choosing a floor color that is easy to adjust could be right up your alley. 

Anytime you are thinking about starting a remodeling project, it pays to sit down with professional contractors to discuss your options. Experts can talk with you about how to update your home with the style you are interested in, and you can learn more about timeline and budget.