3 Signs Your Marble Floor Needs Polishing

21 July 2020
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If you have marble floors in your office building, then there will come a time when you have to consider having the surfaces polished. Daily foot traffic, accumulated dirt, and cleaning chemicals can all affect the way these floors look as they get older. Here's a look at how you can tell it's time to professionally polish your marble flooring. 

1. The Floors Look Dull

Marble floors are supposed to look good. Even if you choose a soft sheen effect, your floors should sparkle and shine. The marble should enhance your floors and bring light into the area. However, the sparkling sheen you get from newly-laid marble won't last forever. As the flooring ages and gets used, it'll likely lose some of its shine. Your flooring may start to look dull and muted even after you clean it. You'll know it's time when light no longer bounces off the stone.

2. Your Floors Are Etched

It's hard to completely protect marble floors from surface damage. People will walk on the floor and, ultimately, they will cause scratches and dents. If this etching builds up, as it will over time, then your floors will start to look scuffed and scraped. This doesn't just have cosmetic effects. Even small etches on marble can attract dirt and bacteria. These areas become harder to clean effectively. As time passes, your floors may even start to look dirty.

3. Your Floors Are Harder to Clean

New marble floors buff up beautifully when you clean them. It doesn't take much effort to remove surface dirt and grime. You can restore their natural shine and sheen without too much work. However, as your floors get older, they will lose some of their surface seal and density. They become harder to clean, and you'll likely have to spend more and more time getting them into an acceptable state. They'll also lose their newly-cleaned shine more quickly, so you may have to clean them more often.

If your marble flooring has dulled, is etched, or is hard to clean, then now is the time to have the stone polished. A professional polish will remove ingrained surface grime. It will also polish out small scratches and etch marks. They can rejuvenate your floors quickly and effectively without causing any further damage. Once you restore some of the stone's natural balance and density, your floor will also become much easier to maintain once again. Learn more by contacting companies like Century Stone Resurfacing.