Hardwood Floor Refinishing: How To Get Ready

21 July 2020
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Over time, your hardwood floors will start looking dull and suffer scratches. However, it is possible to restore their appearance with hardwood floor refinishing, which will add a brand-new coat over the top of the flooring. This process will completely transform the floors, removing several years' worth of wear and tear. Keep reading to learn a few steps that you should take to ensure your home is ready for the process of hardwood floor refinishing.

Cover the HVAC Vents

Refinishing your hardwood floors consist of sanding down the floors so that they are ready for the stain, which means that there will be a significant about of dust being generated in the home. While this dust and debris will be cleaned up, it won't keep it from entering into your HVAC system and potentially clogging up your air filters. To prevent this from happening, you will want to place a piece of plastic over each of your air vents. Alternatively, you may want to consider looking for a company that focuses on dustless hardwood floor refinishing.

Empty Each Room

Since your hardwood floors are being refinished, it is important that the professional performing the job is able to access each and every square foot of the floor that is being refinished. Otherwise, the entire floor will not get refinished. Therefore, the rooms that are going to be worked on needs to be completely free of all furniture, area rugs, window drapes, décor, and personal belongings before the company arrives at your home. If there is anything that could get in their way of performing their job, then it needs to be removed from the space.

Accommodate for Children and Pets

While the contractors are performing the hardwood floor refinishing process, you, your family, and your pets will need to remain out of the area. For an average-sized home, the entire process can take three to five days to complete the refinishing of your hardwood floors if you are having the entire home done. The floors will need to be completely dry before you step foot on them. Due to the fact that pets and children often aren't able to grasp the importance of such instructions, alternative accommodations may be needed while your floors are being refinished. In fact, you may just want to schedule a family vacation.

If you are ready to have your floors refinished or have any questions, reach out to a hardwood floor refinishing company, like Get Classic Hardwood, in your area.