Hardwood And Home Renovations: Choosing The Floors For Your Interior Design

18 August 2020
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When renovating your home, hardwood may be one of the things on your list. Today, hardwood flooring comes in many different styles and colors to work with your home's new interior design. The following hardwood flooring information will help give your renovations floors that work with your interior design:

Laid in details and borders—The borders of hardwood floors are usually plain and end with the baseboard over the edge of the wood. Some of the options for laid-in hardwood flooring that you will want to consider include:

  • Borders that are different from the main floor area
  • Laid-in details for foyers, entrances and living areas
  • Laid-in pattern details in the design of hardwood flooring

These are some of the different laid-in details that you may want to add to your hardwood flooring when doing renovations.

Mixing and matching plank widths—The plank widths are another option that you will want to consider for your hardwood floors. These are usually narrower planks that are one size, but today there are more options for wider planks that can be used. You can have wide-plank hardwood flooring, or you can mix and match the sizes of the planks to give your floors a unique custom look.

Contrasting colors for brighter interior design—You may also want to have a brighter interior design. This is something that can be done with the color of hardwood flooring and other interior finishes. First, you may want to consider options like white and grey finishes for the hardwood flooring, which will make them stand out. Using darker colors for trim and other minor details will help create the color scheme that pops out at you for a more modern look.

Unique hardwood flooring materials for a different look—Another option you will want to consider for your unique-looking hardwood flooring are alternatives like bamboo. Bamboo floors come in different colors and are a renewable resource, which makes them ideal for a greener home design. In addition, there are also options like engineered lumber and tropical hardwoods that are harvested from sustainable forestry practices. Alternatively, there are options like vinyl floor systems that can give you a durable hardwood floor look with water-resistant materials, which is ideal for areas like basements.

These hardwood flooring ideas will help give your home renovations the interior design you want for your house. Contact a hardwood flooring contractor and talk to them about these solutions for your home renovations.