Dark Or Light Hardwood Flooring: Which Is Right For You?

16 September 2020
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You've been considering hardwood flooring in your home, but you aren't sure which one is right for you. Should you get light or dark hardwood flooring? For example, you can get pine or oak hardwood, which are white or a light golden color, or go for something much darker, like a black walnut or hickory.

In the end, it's not the color of the wood you choose for your hardwood flooring that will affect the price; it's the type of hardwood you choose. Deciding which type of hardwood flooring style is right for you is all dependent upon what works best for you. Here is a guide to help you out.

How large your living space is

Your living space is a large factor in whether light or dark hardwood flooring will work best for you. In general, lighter colors make a space feel larger, while darker colors can help make a space have more dimension. So, if you have a smaller room to decorate and put flooring in, consider a lighter hardwood flooring option. If you have a lot of space, mix it up by choosing varying shades of darker hardwood flooring.

Your flooring specialist will help you get the most out of your investment by working with the space you have to show you the colors and types of hardwood that will work best for you. Pick a budget and a flooring color style, and you can help narrow down your options.

How many kids or pets you have

The lighter the hardwood you have, the less likely it is that dirt, hair, shoe scuffs, and other debris will show up. However, darker hardwood with lots of grain designs can also help hide the stains and random debris that a busy pet and kid-riddled house can gather up. If you are worried about having to clean your floors all the time due to hair and dirt, then choose a lighter hardwood flooring color that has a rich grain in the design.

If you have less traffic in the home and want a rich and deep hardwood flooring color that stands out on your crisp floors, then feel confident in choosing a darker, black or chocolate-based hardwood flooring style. A deep purple or red-based hardwood flooring can also be a great option.

With so many different styles and colors of hardwood to choose from, you're sure to pick the right one for your home. Your hardwood flooring specialist will help you pick the best hardwood flooring color and wood material for your budget and home design.