Want a Wood or Tile Floor? Know These 2 Things First

7 January 2021
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If you want to put a wood or tile that looks like wood floor into your home, but you are not sure about costs or products, do your research before scheduling the installation. You want to find out what is in your budget, what is the best product for your home and how it is used, and what will be the best option.

Wood and tile that looks like wood can be beautiful in the home. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you want to know the quality of products each installation company will use in advance. Ask about these things.

1. Wood or Ceramic Tile

Both wood and tile are popular options for homes today, both are easy to clean, modern in appearance, and durable against wear. Although these both long-lasting and high-quality options, there are some differences to take into consideration. Wood can be scratched or chipped over time and may need to be refinished or stained as time passes and it shows signs of wear.  A denser wood will be necessary if you want the strongest floor, which will cost more.

Ceramic tiles will need grout cleaned and sealed over time, and the tiles can crack from very extreme force. Ceramic tile is great for high traffic areas and areas that will be exposed to water and moisture.

2. Installation and Product Warranty

As you start to compare products and you are choosing between the wood and tile, talk with the floor installation company about warranties. You want to know what type of product warranty will come from each manufacturer, and how long they warranty each product. The floor installation company should also have information on their service warranty. This is a warranty that guarantees their service of installation for a set amount of time, so you are not liable if your flooring is damaged or flawed because of improper installation.

No matter what type of floors you get installed make sure that you spend the time and make the investment to have the floors protected. This can be adding area rugs and runners around the home and putting felt tips on your furniture pieces and appliances.

Inquire about the cleaning products that should be used on the specific floor that you have installed so you know you are cleaning the floors properly and you won't do damage. You even need to be sure you are using the correct tools as well.