Hardwood Flooring Installation: It's Worth It to Hire the Pros

15 January 2021
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When you have your hardwood flooring installation done, it pays to have the work done professionally. While you may think that you'll save money on your flooring installation if you do the work yourself, it's not wise to do a residential flooring installation on your own. It's worth it to hire the pros when you have hardwood flooring installation done, and here's why.

1. You might damage the materials during installation

When doing a hardwood flooring installation, you can accidentally damage the materials if you're not careful. One way this can happen is by clicking the materials together too harshly or using too much force when putting wood planks around corners and edges. The result can be too much spacing between the hardwood materials, which can allow moisture in later. Or, you can cause the floors to bubble on the edges, which can lead to chips and warped edges.

Once you damage materials during hardwood flooring installation, the floors cannot be repaired easily. You'll need to call a professional to remove and replace any damaged hardwood planks or panels. You can avoid the costs and time of repairing damaged hardwood flooring by having the floors professionally installed in the first place.

2. You might install your floors wrong

For your hardwood flooring installation to look its best, you need to calculate and measure often. Each piece needs to be cut evenly so it matches the last, and the connections need to be made in a way that there are no gaps in the floor once the hardwood flooring installation is complete.

If this sounds confusing, that's because it might be; residential flooring installation specialists are trained to install hardwood in an even way so each plank looks seamless and blends well with the next. If you're doing a hardwood flooring installation project with different colored planks of wood or patterned wood with rich grains, you need to have residential flooring installation specialists do the work for you. This allows you to have the most appealing, matching installation.

3. You might miss out on warranties 

Unless you have your hardwood flooring installation done professionally, you won't get to keep any warranties and guarantees that come with the materials. Since your investment is going to be sizable and you want your floors to be covered during their useful life, having residential flooring installation done professionally is worth the investment. Your contractors can guarantee their work and perform minor repairs as needed if your floors have any issues soon after being installed.