3 Great Flooring Options For Your Kitchen

21 April 2021
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If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you may want to change out the flooring. Changing out the flooring can change the overall feeling of your space. When it comes to choosing the flooring for your kitchen, you are going to want to select a material that is durable, scrubbable, water-resistance, and looks good in your kitchen.

#1: Cork

Cork flooring has not been around for long, but it is a great kitchen flooring material. Cork flooring isn't as hard on your feet as other flooring options and has a spring to it. It also retains warmth well.

Additionally, it is affordable if you are looking for an option that isn't too expensive to install. Cork flooring is made by taking ground-up cork, mixing it with resin, compressing it, and then baking the slabs so it solidifies into tile. Cork flooring is usually brown, tan, or grey in appearance.

Cork flooring is easy to clean, but it is essential to remember that it isn't stainproof, so you will have to stay on top of cleaning it.

#2: Stone 

Another popular option is stone flooring. Stone flooring is strong and can last for decades. Stone flooring is also more expensive than many other types of flooring. It is also very unique in appearance, which is a reason why it is so popular.

There are many different types of stone floor options for your home, such as travertine, marble, slate, and granite.

The one downside to stone flooring is that it is semi-porous, so you will want to keep it clean. Most stone flooring can easily be cleaned with some soap and water.

#3: Engineered Vinyl Plank

Engineered vinyl planks (EVP) are designed to look like real wood but aren't as expensive as real wood. Additionally, engineered vinyl planking is also waterproof, which is excellent for flooring material in your kitchen. Engineered vinyl planking also has a little padding, making the flooring easier to stand on.

EVP snap together and don't attach to the subfloor. This makes the installation process easier and helps keep the installation costs lower.

EVP can look like a variety of different flooring materials. It can look like light oak flooring, dark bamboo flooring, or marble flooring. It is designed to look like other flooring materials.

If you are remodeling your flooring, three great options are cork flooring, stone flooring, or engineered vinyl planks. All three are durable, easy to clean, and affordable kitchen flooring options. To learn more, visit a shop that has floor sales to see what's available.